The Journey

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Journey.”

My Journey began about 2 years ago when I still going to a community college and found myself ready to take on something bigger. It seemed like I had outgrown the town and felt the desire for something more. So I started my search for different colleges close by my family. However, none of them really had anything that suited me. I wanted to go into telecommunication or film, but none of the college nearby had a really good program. I looked at one of the bigger colleges near by and even though I had great grades and they said they would accept me, problems arose. I would not be considered a instate student, even though I had lived there for 3 years and they made it impossible for me to do anything about it. So with much defeat, I felt like I would have to settle on another college that didn’t fit me at all and didn’t feel right. Suddenly like it was meant to be, I found out about the college that I am attending now. I was excited but apprehensive about what it would mean to me, if this didn’t work out. So I visited the college, went through the long process of getting ready to join the college. After a long process of waiting, I finally received my acceptance letter in the mail. Here I am, about to graduate, two years later. It has been a long hard journey but it was well worth it.


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